Seasoned Oak

Oak & Iron Furniture's seasoned English oak.

Oak & Iron Furniture's seasoned English oak.

Over the last few months we have had more requests to build our Oak & Iron furniture using seasoned oak. It has been our pleasure to create new items using this material and work with the beautiful wood we have been procuring.

Previously we've always used green oak (which is unseasoned). We love our environmentally friendly green oak because it always has very beautiful and interesting knots and colours. The extreme chunkiness of the green oak has also always been something to make it stand out from the crowd.

Seasoned oak generally doesn't tend to have quite so many of these features, but we have managed to find such beautiful seasoned oak that it looks almost the same as our green oak.

The one thing we can't emulate with seasoned oak is how thick and bulky the planks can be, but with the dry oak we are able to create one solid and stable top which will not move or split, though it also obviously doesn't have the waney edged features of our green oak.

Oak & Iron Furniture - detail of our seasoned oak dining table top.

Oak & Iron Furniture - detail of our seasoned oak dining table top.

We continue to try to make our tables as interesting and unique as we possibly can, and with this material we can utilise our hand tools to make the tables look very organic. They are tactile and beautiful, keeping the spirit of real oak.

They're suitable for use indoors or as garden furniture, as with our green oak tables and we continue to use environmentally friendly oils to bring out the character of the wood.

Green Oak

All of the oak we use for Oak & Iron Furniture is sustainable oak sourced locally to our workshops in Surrey.

detail for oak 10 585.jpg

The photographs shown are examples of green oak. What "green oak" means is that the oak has not been kiln dried or air dried. It has also not been treated with anything else, making the character of the oak much more pronounced than other modern furniture. It also means that the wood will shift and change size, which is why we cannot give you definite sizes for our furniture.

detail for oak 11 300.jpg

Buying furniture made from green oak means that your furniture is interesting and unique. It will take on a beautiful patina as the oak shifts and moves. These tables are also guaranteed to last, if any wood is broken, we will replace it within our guarantee times. The oak is also so immensely chunky that any re-finishing (if required) is very simple.

Another important factor in choosing Oak & Iron Furniture is carbon capture. If you buy furniture made from sustainable timber, but the furniture won't last, as soon as the wood used to make it rots or gets burned, the carbon is released again into the atmosphere. With Oak & Iron Furniture, the quality is so great that the carbon in the oak is captured for a much longer time. We use hand held tools and beams which are already converted to the correct sizes by a large wood mill which means that the amount of oak wastage is extremely minimal.

Oak & Iron Furniture Oak Information Detail

We also finish our oak with a wax oil, which gives a beautiful sheen. It's hard wearing and water resistant - not only does the oil repel water, but the fine waxy top prevents against most spills.

The wax oil we use is called Polyx oil which is also environmentally friendly.