Oak & Iron Furniture - A Magnificent Table for a Switzerland Chalet

We were recently commissioned to create a magnificent table which is now set up its home in Switzerland. To discuss your bespoke furniture requirements, please contact us and we'll see what we can create for you.

The concept was for a huge oak dining table with a swept X shaped leg and chunky top with a rustic look for the edges which we sketched in 3D before we quoted for it.

The process of making a table like this involves some careful planning and picking of the correct types of oak and fittings for the job.

Starting with the complicated problem of cutting the legs into a swept shape, we cut them from 4" x 6" square chunks of sustainable kiln dried oak and attaching the huge cross beam which serves to tie the two ends together.

The ends were bolted together using traditional methods and were left slightly loose so as to allow for the pedestal to settle and set on a flat surface for the top to sit on.

The bolts were capped with more oak to cover the workings of the table. These were later sanded carefully in order that the oil we used to finish the table took beautifully and left everything looking perfect.

We then made the oak top, which had to be carefully constructed to consider the weight of the table in totality. We had worked out that making it 4" thick would mean the table would weigh more than 500 kilos, and this would simply be too heavy, so we decided to make a 2" thick top and create a beautiful capped edge at the ends to finish it off.

It was also necessary to house the base on to the top so that it all fitted together.

A lot of time was spent finishing the table with our environmentally friendly wax oil to complete the look.

The results were stunning and we were delighted with the table. The customer promised to send us pictures of the table when it was finally installed in his chalet in Switzerland and we're so pleased to receive these pictures and show everyone the work.

To discuss your bespoke projects with us, please contact us, we'd be delighted to hear from you!

Oak & Iron Bespoke Furniture Projects

We’d be delighted to hear from you about your bespoke furniture ideas, so please contact us to discuss them with us.

Oak & Iron Furniture large X leg bespoke oak dining table

Here at Oak & Iron we love taking on making bespoke furniture for our customers, and as such I’d like to show you a project that we recently completed for two customers who wanted a large dining table built for their new home.

To start with, we discuss the sizes and specifications that the customer has, and then draw it up for them in 3D. This gives us all a visual and real documented set of sizes to work from, and from which we can make necessary changes.

In this case, we had two separate ideas for the pedestal and drew two illustrations for the customer to choose from for this dining table.

Oak & Iron Furniture X leg tables together bespoke dining table.jpg

Once we had all agreed on the design, we personally went to the local wood yard to hand pick oak for the job. It does depend on the specific requirements, but we prefer to choose oak which is tactile and has the most character.

Oak & Iron Furniture Oak before processing

This means picking logs which have more knots and features. The oak at the yard is sometimes dried outside; leaving it there gives it an almost black hue as it dries. You would see this kind of oak on Tudor houses.


Oak & Iron Furniture Planed Oak Top

In our workshop the oak is planed flat which reveals the incredible quality of the wood just beneath the surface and gets it ready to be built into an incredible dining table.

Completed Oak & Iron Furniture Pedestal for X Leg Bespoke Oak Dining Table


The huge oak beams for the table base are engineered into the correct shape, which is bolted together using heavy duty fixings.

The dining table top is then constructed into a flat surface, conforming to the natural shape of the oak; leaving a rustic, natural but modern edge.

Oak & Iron Furniture flat oak dining table top being made
Oak & Iron Furniture oak dining table top finished

Once the whole table has been fine sanded and finished, we apply our wax oil finish to the table which makes the features of the oak shine through.

Finally the table is brought to the house and our delighted customers.

Oak & Iron Furniture finished oak dining table in customer's home

So why not start your dream project today with us at Oak & Iron Furniture?

Oak & Iron Summer Furniture

Now that summer is nearly upon us, it's time to start thinking about improving  your garden!

Oak & Iron Furniture Medium Dining Table and Bench

Our amazing Oak & Iron tables are available in our shop in many different sizzling, sultry and serene summer colours, we have everything to suit your spring and summer flowers from our bright and dazzling sun yellow to our eye quenching fresh aqua.

We use various paint coatings to make our beautiful Oak & Iron dining tables, coffee tables and benches suitable for the garden, meaning that they're water resistant and resistant to rust.

The oak tops for our tables are made using sustainable green oak which are from FSC (forestry stewardship council) sources. Coated in an environmentally friendly wax oil, they are durable and water resistant because the wax leaves a hard wearing coating.

So why wait to impress your friends at your barbecue? Get your perfect summer garden Oak & Iron furniture today!

New Online Shop

We have recently upgraded to a beautiful new look website, and on this platform people can buy furniture directly from our shop section.

In our shop you can easily scroll through all of our colour options for our bases and select from our growing range of beautiful furniture!

Our extensive collection includes everything from beautiful coffee tables and dining tables to benches, mirrors and other accessories. We will also be updating our furniture range very frequently, so keep an eye out on our news feed and shop where we will have new looks coming around regularly.

If you have bespoke requirements, please contact us and give us your idea. We'd be more than happy to work on your own design with you and quote you for this based on our technical 3D drawings.

Oak & Iron Furniture at the Grand Designs Live Exhibition 2013

Oak & Iron furniture was recently displayed at the Grand Designs Live Exhibition at ExCeL in London in the interiors section where our product was received with great enthusiasm.

whole stand at Grand Designs_edited-1.jpg
table and lamp at Grand Designs.jpg

Most of the other exhibitors at the show were producing very high end furniture made using precision tools, highly sanded and polished. There was a buzz around our stand because our amazingly colourful and modern, yet rustic furniture stood out beautifully amongst the crowd. Everyone seemed to stop to pick up one of our beautifully designed multi-coloured cards and to touch the tactile oak surfaces.

We stood out so well in fact that we were invited to place our furniture on another stand free of charge the following Saturday at the kbb London May Design Series show where we showed alongside the people who bring you the K&B online community for Kitchens and Bathrooms; Utopia.

black shade lamp with square log.jpg

Our catalogue currently includes a single photograph of our lamp bases, but we have also started to introduce other shapes and designs. We have also included our shades which we procure from another company. Everyone thought they looked great.

These are available from us, but are currently all bespoke designs because we're developing the range, which takes plenty of time.

Marrying up the right shape of lamp base with exactly the right shape, colour and size of shade so that we can offer a really good range of lamps is surprisingly difficult!

red board.jpg

We also gave a kick start to our chopping boards with special Oak & Iron handles, which fit perfectly with our style. The handles can be powder coated with any of our RAL colours meaning they can match your furniture. They can also be used as trays and we are considering some other sizes and shapes.

We left the show exhausted but satisfied having given away tons of information on our products, got a huge amount of positive feedback and a whole raft of contacts!