Oak & Iron Furniture at the Grand Designs Live Exhibition 2013

Oak & Iron furniture was recently displayed at the Grand Designs Live Exhibition at ExCeL in London in the interiors section where our product was received with great enthusiasm.

whole stand at Grand Designs_edited-1.jpg
table and lamp at Grand Designs.jpg

Most of the other exhibitors at the show were producing very high end furniture made using precision tools, highly sanded and polished. There was a buzz around our stand because our amazingly colourful and modern, yet rustic furniture stood out beautifully amongst the crowd. Everyone seemed to stop to pick up one of our beautifully designed multi-coloured cards and to touch the tactile oak surfaces.

We stood out so well in fact that we were invited to place our furniture on another stand free of charge the following Saturday at the kbb London May Design Series show where we showed alongside the people who bring you the K&B online community for Kitchens and Bathrooms; Utopia.

black shade lamp with square log.jpg

Our catalogue currently includes a single photograph of our lamp bases, but we have also started to introduce other shapes and designs. We have also included our shades which we procure from another company. Everyone thought they looked great.

These are available from us, but are currently all bespoke designs because we're developing the range, which takes plenty of time.

Marrying up the right shape of lamp base with exactly the right shape, colour and size of shade so that we can offer a really good range of lamps is surprisingly difficult!

red board.jpg

We also gave a kick start to our chopping boards with special Oak & Iron handles, which fit perfectly with our style. The handles can be powder coated with any of our RAL colours meaning they can match your furniture. They can also be used as trays and we are considering some other sizes and shapes.

We left the show exhausted but satisfied having given away tons of information on our products, got a huge amount of positive feedback and a whole raft of contacts!