Dining Sets

As with all our furniture, our dining sets are made from green oak, making each piece unique, full of interesting details and with a beautiful patina that just gets better and better, protected from damage and spills with a long-lasting wax oil.


We can create exactly the look and feel you’re after by powder coating the legs of our tables and other metal-framed furniture in a range of contemporary colours, including cloud white, black, mushroom grey, silver, warm cream, sun yellow, bright orange, deep orange, pepper red, purple, dark blue, sky blue, cool aqua, dark aqua, light green or dark. Or we can match a colour of your own – just ask or view our colours here.


Durable and hard wearing, our green oak furniture is guaranteed to last - even heavily used and exposed pieces like benches. But if any of the wood we’ve used doesn’t stand the test of time, just let us know and we’ll replace it.

TV and Hi-Fi Stands

For the adjustable shelves of our TV and Hi-Fi stands, we use 6mm thick toughened glass, with rubber ‘shock absorbers’ on the shelf pegs to ensure ‘no rattle’ once they’re in place. We also put heavy-duty plastic feet on the legs of our furniture so you don’t have to worry about scratched floors or damaged carpets.

Home Accessories

The green oak we use for even our smallest home accessories comes from sustainable local sources. And by using only wood that’s already cut near to size and shape, we make sure wastage is minimised.

Garden Furniture

Our garden furniture is just as beautiful to look at and feel as our ‘indoor’ pieces. That’s because it’s created by highly trained craftsmen who respect the materials they use.

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